Welcome to my World

“Welcome to my blog, I am your host, the incomparable Jake Kale. I’ve set up this blog to publish original short horror and fantasy stories, weird and twisted artwork and comic strips, and hopefully videos a little further down the line. Essentially, this is the opening salvo in my bid to launch a global multimedia empire. Or yet another third-rate collection of plot holes, spelling errors, poor grammer and crappy pictures languishing in a forgotten corner of teh interwebz. S’all swings and roundabouts, really.”

Some might have called that foreshadowing.

OK, time to reintroduce myself. I am still your host, the incomparable Jake Kale, and I created this blog back in June last year, made a fluttering of postings, whetted some appetites and promptly fucked off to do something else, namely my acclaimed webcomic The Master Of His Domain. Well, now I’m back, ready to post rewrites of my old stories and eventually new ones. I may also be accepting contributions from a friend of mine as well, if he ever gets them finished (no pressure or anything! 😉 ). I don’t know when, or indeed if, I’ll get round to the artwork and videos – I’ll just have to get back to you on that. I should also warn you that this site will only update sporadically, due to my commitment to the Domain, and there might not be anything new just yet.

So what can you expect from this site? Well, as my old introduction went, “In my stories and art I intend to explore that interesting grey area between belief and insanity. I will try to provide a middle ground between the real and the seemingly unreal and leave it up to the reader to decide what is truth, but keep in mind that the subject or narrator may not always be reliable, accurate or even trustworthy.

Basically, this is gonna be home to some weird, dubious shit.”

Think that says it all, really!

Anyway, be sure to check back for updates, and if you’re new here and this is not the only post, I hope you enjoy the site!

Jake Kale