Patience – 100(ish) Word Flash Fiction


Johnny walked hurriedly down Loughborough Road, his heart thumping. Every day he made this journey to and from school. And every day he passed that empty white house and the hair stood up on his neck. He had no idea why, but that old house terrified him. Today he dared to take a sideways glance, caught a brief snapshot of flaking brickwork, dirty windows and mouldy net curtains. His mum had told him it used to be a doctor’s surgery, many years ago. Johnny hated going to the doctors.

He looked away and carried on walking.

*     *     *

A grey, tapered forelimb rested on the windowsill. Through mottled net curtains, it watched as the boy hurried off. The faint chatter of children’s voices drifted out of its subconscious – was that really how they’d sounded? It couldn’t be sure anymore. It had been so very long.

It turned away and carried on waiting.

*     *     *

This Friday Fictioneers entry was brought to you by Lyle’s Golden Syrup. Stick it on your shopping list!

Right, first off, if you’re new to the whole #FridayFictioneers shebang (in which case I can say without hyperbole that you have not lived) then please visit Madison Woods’ blog to find out WTF it’s all about and HTF you can take part. While you’re there make sure you check out her entry, then have a gander at the comments to find links to others. Feel free to read and comment on as many as you can, because they are all guaranteed to be awesome. If you are already aware of the #FridayFictioneers then you’ve just wasted valuable reading/commenting time on the above. In addition, you may or may not have discovered that I’m a damn liar.

Moving along, apologies for my absence these last few weeks – what do you mean, you hadn’t noticed? Little bit of traditional English self-deprecation there. Consider that a bonus for depriving you of my obvious talent. What do you mean, what talent? There you go, have another! I’m all about giving.

Frivolity aside, an explanation is in order. I’ve been busy for the last month or so doing up my flat to get it in a reasonable state as we’re hoping to move. Between this, the Domain and other commitments I haven’t had a lot of free time. I was all set to make my stunning return this week, when unfortunately I happened to get sick as a dog. Lazy, useless antibodies. Fortunately I wrote this piece and prepared the illustration in advance, so this time I will not be denied! I won’t be able to read or comment on other entries tonight, or respond to any comments here, as despite technological advances it remains difficult to do so from the confines of the bathroom (apologies for that mental image, I’m trying to dilute my own ill feeling by spreading it around a bit). Hopefully I’ll feel up to it tomorrow. After that, I might do a bit of reading and commenting! There you, a side serving of euphemism to go with your double helping of self-deprecation. Another little bonus for you.

While I’m here, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Susie Lindau for taking part in my recent 200th comic special. Sadly the planned follow-up has been kiboshed by this accursed disease, but you will still get your cameo appearance as promised, alongside a certain other well-known blogger. Look out for that next week.

Till then, this is Jake Kale signing off. Hopefully not permanently.

Creative Commons Licence
Patience by Jake Kale is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


12 thoughts on “Patience – 100(ish) Word Flash Fiction

    • I haven’t logged out yet so I may as well reply. Thanks very much Joe! It’s difficult sometimes to set the scene while remaining stringent about the word count, hence my going a bit over this week. Luckily the rules are quite lax, which is something I take full advantage of! I will get round to your entry and others some time tomorrow, but for now I must retire. Again, thanks for reading!

  1. Sorry to hear of your sickness.
    Loved the eerie Flash Fiction. It was wonderfully creepy!
    Thank you so much for the shout out. I hope you are feeling better soon and good luck on your move!

    • Thanks Susie. I think I’m on the mend now. Chances are, like most men, I’m overreacting to a relatively mild complaint. But, like most men, I don’t believe I am! Luckily the move is a long way off at the moment, so I should have recovered by then.

      You’ve earned the shout out, and the cameo. Apologies for my lack of input round your way, I plan to fix that tomorrow.

  2. Dear Jake,

    (I did miss you, believe it or do not:) Glad you’re back and up to writing again. The patience of monstrous lurkers is a mainstay of spooky house stories and yours was up to the standards set by the best. Two POV’s, one spot on and the other just plain mysterious as well as scary. Well done. Will be steering clear of that road in the future.

    Thanks for your comments on my story this week.



  3. Great story! I’d like to know what happens when the waiting is finished and the boy (or anyone else for that matter) finally enters the house.

  4. Up to your usual creepy standards.
    Sorry to hear about the illness, good you’re getting past it. Good luck with the move.

    What’s with the syrup. Are you now sponsored?

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