Turn On, Log In, and Freak Out – 100 Word Flash Fiction


Jake stared at the comment field, the expectant square as blank as his mind. Everyone else’s comments were so witty, insightful and encouraging. What could he possibly add to the discussion? He thought for a second, then his figures skipped about the keyboard.

“No comment.”

*     *     *

I hope Susie, Madison and elmowrites will forgive me for incorporating them, or at least their avatars into the story, such as it is. And I hope you’ll all forgive my self-doubt, not to mention my self-indulgence. I like to take frequent, cutting shots at my own inadequacies. I have no idea why.

In case you’re wondering, the unseen entry they’re commenting on deals with a character my nephew came up with named Mr. Facemelt. I’ve referenced him before, here and here. One day I’m going to explore that character in full, bloody detail.

As always, for more details about the Friday Fictioneers check out Madison Wood’s blog.

Creative Commons Licence

Turn On, Log In, and Freak Out by Jake Kale is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


23 thoughts on “Turn On, Log In, and Freak Out – 100 Word Flash Fiction

  1. Lol. Got a laugh out of this. I always feel this way when I go to comment some people’s stories or posts. Everyone else has amazing comments that offer something and mine never seem to achieve the same affect.

    • As I see it there are two ways of handling the comment issue. One is to simply leave a compliment, something along the lines of, “Really cool story/article/whatever!” as Judee suggests below. The other is to leave a funny/silly/gleefully daft comment, which is my favoured method. It’s served me well so far – I’ve only been censored once!

    • Commenting while half asleep can be tricky. Once I reach a certain level of exhaustion I enter a state similar to drunkenness. At that point it’s usually best to leave well alone!

      Apologies for taking my time, I’ll be over to check out yours soon.

  2. Dear Jake,

    You are a fruitcake.

    That was a poem, in case you didn’t notice. I thought you deserved a poem for being so original in your take on the photo prompt this week. And no apology is necessary.

    Perhaps you are a bunt cake instead.

    Good job,


    (This ultra clever comment is meant to add to your torture and see you through to the other side.)



  3. I think we all feel tongue tied at times when it comes to commenting – it’s not always easy to hone in on what precisely was good about something, even when it’s very well written. I find others do a great job at it, but when it’s my turn, all I manage to say, is “wow, that was really cool!”

    So, wow, Jake, this was a really cool entry. ;D

    • I suppose that’s what the “like” button is for. But leaving a “This was really cool!” comment is fine, too. It’s just further proof that those stuck-up gits at school were wrong, and my Mum was right!

    • I won’t stand on convention, he never stood on me! Now that the bad joke is out of the way, I graciously accept your “WIN!” I’ll be over to yours soon to repay the compliment. Probably.

      Dang, sorry about that – I appear to have engaged “facetious” mode. One quick reboot and I’ll be right over.

    • Introverted? Oh man, now I’m psychoanalysing myself – that’s never a good thing!

      I agree, trying to leave a comment when 50 or 60 people already have is the worst. Sadly, since I’ve left it so late to start reading other people’s work (damn you non-online life!), I sense this might be my fate now!

      PS: I called them dirt daubers because that’s what Madison called them – I’ve never heard of them before! If it helps, I will continue to refer to them as dirt daubers. Whilst fervently hoping I never have cause to refer to them to their faces.

    • Weirdly, I tend to do the exact opposite but for almost the same reason – just to check if anyone’s made more or less the same comment that I was gonna make. That does tend to slow down my reading of other entries though, so maybe I should take a leaf out of your book.

  4. Hahahaha!! I can’t believe it took me so long to get here and NO ONE tipped me off in the meantime. That’s hilarious Jake. You are forgiven 😉

    • Thanks Madison! I hope I’m also forgiven for taking a whole month to respond. Explanations are on the way, along with – Shock! Horror! – a brand-new post! I know, I’m as surprised as you are!

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