Turn On, Log In, and Freak Out – 100 Word Flash Fiction


Jake stared at the comment field, the expectant square as blank as his mind. Everyone else’s comments were so witty, insightful and encouraging. What could he possibly add to the discussion? He thought for a second, then his figures skipped about the keyboard.

“No comment.”

*     *     *

I hope Susie, Madison and elmowrites will forgive me for incorporating them, or at least their avatars into the story, such as it is. And I hope you’ll all forgive my self-doubt, not to mention my self-indulgence. I like to take frequent, cutting shots at my own inadequacies. I have no idea why.

In case you’re wondering, the unseen entry they’re commenting on deals with a character my nephew came up with named Mr. Facemelt. I’ve referenced him before, here and here. One day I’m going to explore that character in full, bloody detail.

As always, for more details about the Friday Fictioneers check out Madison Wood’s blog.

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