Circular Logic – 100 Word Flash Fiction


After storing the ropes and planks in the Land Rover’s boot, Charlie and Bowen admired their handiwork. A perfect circle. Simple, effective and a hoax. Hoax claim proved.

Then they noticed a figure moving towards them. Tall. Grey. Big black eyes.

“My God,” Charlie said. “It’s an alien! Aliens are real!”

They jumped into the Land Rover and sped away in a panic. They didn’t spot the low cobbled wall until it was too late.

* * *

Aaron removed the mask and watched as the little scrotes emerged from the stricken Land Rover and scurried away. “Teach ’em to destroy my crops!”

* * *

This is my second crop circle in as many days. No, not literally! Perhaps I should explain. In addition to this site I also publish comics over at my other site, “The Master Of His Domain”. The main comic just concluded its second season, so during the break I’m publishing a selection of filler material, including the brand-new “Grey Area”, which focuses on the exploits of the infamous aliens. It’s proved popular so far (read: it hasn’t got any complaints), and is well worth a look.

This story itself was intended to be a longer one, and was briefly reworked as a Master Of His Domain comic before I gave up on it. I might do a longer version some day, but this’ll do for now.

Creative Commons Licence
Circular Logic by Jake Kale is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


20 thoughts on “Circular Logic – 100 Word Flash Fiction

    • I suppose it depends on the kind of alien. ET = good. Kim Basinger = very good. A xenomorph = very, very bad. A xenomorph accompanied by a Predator = absolutely horrifying. And that’s just the movies.

  1. I like to see someone getting taste of own medicine 🙂 Well it’s more like prankster got pranked. Hope this works against the real intruders too.

    • Pranksters often seem smugly confident about their exploits and how radically funny they are.
      Forget the irritation they cause, it’s all about the lulz. So yeah, it is good to see them get their comeuppance!

    • Aloha Doug! That is quite fitting, isn’t it? I wanted to make the title more than the silly joke it was originally intended to be. It’s still pretty silly, but at least it fits.

    • Not only hoaxers, but lazy hoaxers. A simple circle? That’s so 1980s!

      Obviously, their lack of ambition is really down to me. I had planned a more complex design, but since this is a short work that felt inappropriate. Had it been a longer story, I might’ve gone with the more complex design after all.

    • Thanks Susie, and thanks for pimping me out! I’ve had a great time with this so far, and got more views for this site than I’ve had in ages.

      PS: Don’t forget to check out last weeks effort if you haven’t already.

  2. I love circular logic and how you managed to pull it off in so few words 🙂 Liked also the theme of nothing being as it seemed.

    • In the world of ufology, nothing is ever as it seems. For example, some ufologists seem sane.

      OK, that was a low blow. But I’ve met a few ufologists, and in some cases it’s also quite accurate.

    • Thanks, I wanted the title to have some relevance to story. Obviously I picked it because it’s silly and I quite like silly titles, but I wanted it to fit all the same.

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