Breaking the Surface – 100 Word Flash Fiction

Dust scattered as if moved by a mighty exhalation. Shafts of hot light penetrated the gloom, revealing a whole new world that long vanished eyes would never see. It had faced annihilation, the end of life, yet it had persevered. And now, after enduring the bone crushing weight of time for so long, the great beast had finally surfaced.

Dr Bob Jackson knelt before the scant remains. To think, he’d almost walked right by them. As he lightly swept away the baking earth the maxilla appeared, immense teeth still routed in the jaws. Jackson smiled. “You made it, big fella.”

*     *     *

OK, so I tweaked the prompt a little. Call it a compromise!

To be honest, I couldn’t not use this prompt. The second I saw it, I thought, “Dinosaur!” I have been a prehistory nerd since before I can remember, and I retain that fascination with these awe-inspiring animals and the vanished ecosystems they inhabited to this day. In my geologically insignificant time on this planet I have seen our understanding of them and their world, and of the worlds that came before and since, change many times over as intrepid palaeontologists pushed the boundaries of what we can know, what we can learn. I have seen things that just a few years ago I would’ve thought impossible become reality. This story is dedicated to the efforts of the men and women who venture out into the world to discover its past. If I’d had their drive I could’ve been out there with them. I share their fascination though, and I thank them for their work. To coin a phrase, you guys rock!

As always, thanks to Madison Woods for giving me and others an excuse to write/kick up the backside. Go to her blog to learn more about the Friday Fictioneers, and please feel free to comment and leave links to your entries there and here. And if you haven’t yet then please join in. It’s fun!

One last bit of business. This is shameless begging, so I apologise in advance. This an appeal to readers who have visited my other site, The Master Of His Domain. I’ve recently posted a review of the 2011-early 2012 season and I’m looking for feedback. I’ve been running it since late 2009, and while its audience has grown steadily I want more. I’m really trying to make the site a success so any suggestions/criticisms/squeeing would be very much appreciated.


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Loose Lips – 100 Word Flash Fiction


The pathologist stifled a yawn as he entered the bedroom. What remained of the young woman was spread across the bed before him. Moving past ashen detectives, he began his examination. The head, though blood-spattered, was uninjured. Sightless eyes stared up at him. With the lightest touch from his gloved hand, he teased open her thick, full lips, revealing the slack tongue inside. Formerly motile organs that had brought him such pleasure just a few short hours ago…

He drew back, mindful of his colleagues. Soon, she’d be on the slab in his morgue. Then the fun would really begin.

* * *

This one was inspired by the work of a friend of mine, Mr. Daniel Brown (no, not that one). Technically, his Creative Commons license forbids expanding on any of his work, but I’m kinda of hoping he won’t mind in this case. If he does, then this is not the same character. Just one very similar. They look alike, too, and have a similar MO. But they’re totally different, I assure you. His story is well worth a read and fits the rules for this here contest perfectly, so be sure to check it out. You maybe could encourage him to get in on this, too. Be subtle about it though, don’t just charge in shouting “WRITE MORE STUFF!” I have learned from bitter experience that this is not a good way to motivate someone, unless that someone is a fist that you want to motivate into your face.

Right, I’m off to read other people’s stuff now, assuming my internet holds out. Honestly, a little bit of snow and the greatest technological achievement known to man goes on the fritz. Internet scientists, sort this out before the next ice age or we could have a problem. Hopefully your internet is OK, in which case feel free to read, comment and link back to your entries. If you have no idea what I’m talking about (which, let’s face it, is likely the case) drop by Madison Woods’ blog to learn more about the Friday Fictioneers (not to be confused with the Musketeers, or indeed the Muskehounds). Have fun! Just don’t mess up the place.


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Circular Logic – 100 Word Flash Fiction


After storing the ropes and planks in the Land Rover’s boot, Charlie and Bowen admired their handiwork. A perfect circle. Simple, effective and a hoax. Hoax claim proved.

Then they noticed a figure moving towards them. Tall. Grey. Big black eyes.

“My God,” Charlie said. “It’s an alien! Aliens are real!”

They jumped into the Land Rover and sped away in a panic. They didn’t spot the low cobbled wall until it was too late.

* * *

Aaron removed the mask and watched as the little scrotes emerged from the stricken Land Rover and scurried away. “Teach ’em to destroy my crops!”

* * *

This is my second crop circle in as many days. No, not literally! Perhaps I should explain. In addition to this site I also publish comics over at my other site, “The Master Of His Domain”. The main comic just concluded its second season, so during the break I’m publishing a selection of filler material, including the brand-new “Grey Area”, which focuses on the exploits of the infamous aliens. It’s proved popular so far (read: it hasn’t got any complaints), and is well worth a look.

This story itself was intended to be a longer one, and was briefly reworked as a Master Of His Domain comic before I gave up on it. I might do a longer version some day, but this’ll do for now.

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Circular Logic by Jake Kale is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.