TMOHD: A New Look

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One thought on “TMOHD: A New Look

  1. And so our run through the original TMOHD comics reaches its conclusion with my first attempt at colouring with MS Paint, which I think came out quite well. I was never particularly satisfied with the way the hand-coloured images came out, particularly the two I coloured with felt tips, so this was a natural evolution for me. I think it looks more polished, and obviously it took less time to complete, which was a bonus.

    After this one I decided the comic deserved its own site, so I took a break to start working on that. The The Master Of His Domain site launched in November 2009 with a redraw of the original comic, and continues to update biweekly (though not necessarily on the days indicated on the site banner). If you’ve enjoyed these early comics I would obviously encourage you to check out the spin-off. It’s had its ups and downs, and I know there’s still room for improvement, but I’m very proud of it, and I have big plans for next year! In addition, if you can find the time between feigning satisfaction with your presents and engaging in drunken brawls with your relatives, please feel free to stop by at The Master Of His Domain tomorrow for a special Christmas present featuring four of the more popular cast members.

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