TMOHD: Solitary

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3 thoughts on “TMOHD: Solitary

  1. After several weeks, I felt it was time to catch up with Mark again and see how he was adapting to prison life. The answer – not very well. This, along with the follow-up, was one of my favourites of the early comics, and another great showcase for the kind of dark humour Mark brings out of me. The only problem is I feel the need to try and oneup myself each time Mark appears, and it becomes increasingly difficult to judge the line between near-the-knuckle and plain bad taste. My solution to that is to simply not worry about it anymore.

    Incidentally, the remake of this one became my first new comic of 2010. It seems oddly fitting to be reposting the original as the year draws to a close.

  2. I like your character Mark. Oddly I find he’s the funniest.
    Maybe it’s the juxtapositioning of violent killer with small scale foibles and failings.

    • You’re not on your own there, he does seem to be the most popular character (along with the equally alarming Dr. Jenna Bateman, a new character I debuted back in July). It’s interesting that you should point out the juxtaposition between Mark’s life (sentence, that is) and those of Jay and the rest of the cast, since my original concept at the start of this year was to have each storyline end with Jay and Mark’s analysis of events, with Mark acting almost as an advisor to Jay. I abandoned that idea because I felt it would limit the other cast member’s screentime and development, but looking back I kinda wish I’d stuck to it. As a result, I’ve decided to make the Mark-Jay relationship the major plotline for next year.

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