TMOHD: Masterpiece

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One thought on “TMOHD: Masterpiece

  1. And we’re back with the reposting of my old comics. Sorry for the unscheduled hiatus, but I just couldn’t resist answering those bonus “Ask The Dominions” questions!

    OK, a little bit of background on this one. Originally, this comic was not known as “The Master Of His Domain”. Being something I cobbled together with very little thought, I didn’t put a great deal of effort into the original title, and within a couple of weeks of running the comic, I’d grown to utterly despise it. So I decided to rechristen the comic, and taking inspiration from a personal hero of mine, one George Louis Costanza of the US sitcom Seinfeld, I eventually settled on the current title (hence the punchline above). This comic marked the official debut of the new title. But what was the original title, I hear you ask? I will never tell. That’s how much I hated it.

    Moving along, I will say that this is probably my favourite of the early strips, even though it’s one of the few that I haven’t remade (though I did steal the punchline here). I still feel that I got the character designs for Jay, Ellie and Chrissy just right here. Why they all went tits up afterwards, I don’t know. I also quite like this incarnation of the Jay character, as well. Maybe next year I’ll have to work on bringing the current incarnation of Jay back to his former, er, glory.

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