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3 thoughts on “TMOHD: Cold

  1. This strip was, as I point out in the comments of the remake, inspired by a conversation with a former colleague of mine from my time as a volunteer (who was female, I might add) and is special to me because it’s the first to focus on what is without doubt my favourite relationship in the Domain, namely that of the Schmidt twins. While I’m on the subject, I should just be honest and admit the only reason I made them identical twins was because I’ve always used the same character models for both. Hey, I’m lazy, you should’ve realized that by now. Weirdly, looking through the past years storylines I noticed I haven’t actually done any stereotypical twin plots (I suppose you could count the bickering and one-upmanship in “Oneupwomanship” but really that’s something inherent to all sibling relationships). I had an idea for a spin on the old “swapping identities” trope, but didn’t find the time to fit it in. Maybe I will next year, or maybe I should just leave that predictable plotline alone.

    One thing that you might be able to pick up here is how the girl’s personalities have changed since these early appearances. Originally, Chrissy (the blonde) was conceived as the dominant of the two sisters, and was to have been a rather reckless, flighty character. Ellie (the redhead), on the other hand, was to be the straight man (or straight woman, I guess), who ended up picking up the pieces. Somewhere over the course of the transition from this site to the new one, their roles changed. Ellie became the more dominant/out-and-out bullying of the two, and has certainly made some questionable choices (gluing Jay to the ceiling, going along with Jenna Bateman’s dubious investigation into the MyFace stalker, hypnotising Jay with a guide she got off the internet), while Chrissy has morphed into easily the sweetest character in the comic, going out of her way to bond with her sister, offering unwavering support to Steve despite the fact that he really doesn’t deserve it, and even taking pity on Beeny and trying to aid his desperate attempts to pull. The change wasn’t really deliberate, it just sort of happened. I’m glad it has, though, because I like their current personalities much more.

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