TMOHD: Ennui




3 thoughts on “TMOHD: Ennui

  1. Another anniversary has arrived, namely the one-year anniverary of the launch of my spin-off site, The Master Of His Domain! To commemorate this I’ve decided, perhaps unwisely, to repost all of the original TMOHD comics in all their crudely drawn, ham fistedly coloured, bleached-into-almost-total-whiteness-by-my-worthless-scanner glory.

    Here is the first, simply titled “Ennui” (remastered here), which introduces central characters Jay and Mark. Jay is based on me, while Mark may or may not be based on an old friend. I first posted this just after I finished up with “Falling” on the original version of this site. I decided that (SPOILER ALERT) since that story ended on a bit of a downer, I needed to come up with something to lighten the mood, so naturally my first thought was a comic strip about a serial killer who’s a bit depressed because he can’t kill people anymore.

    The next comic will be posted tomorrow. Why not tonight, since all the original comics are still stored in my Media section? Because I want to make my post count for November to look slightly less shitty.

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